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Growth Income and Market Insight: Heinz Associates has a Simple, Yet Powerful Strategy

Investors know that growth and income are beneficial things. However very few people know how to get them to work together in the long run like Henry Molloy, chairman and CEO of Heinz Global Asset Management Inc., an independent fee-based investment advisory firm. "Our strategy is very simple: Growth through income and the power of compounding,” says Molloy. “But it’s how we carry out this strategy that makes all the difference to our clients. We tirelessly evaluate the stock, bond and municipal markets both here and abroad for opportunities. We emphasize diversification and prudence. When implementing portfolio strategies we focus on medium and long-term global macroeconomic and geopolitical trends. Then we coordinate these with our clientele’s investment and retirement profiles.”

Visionary and Maverick

Back in 2006, Molloy was writing about the impending bubble in the housing market (Business and Finance, November 2006) and how it would affect the overall economy. Now, he is a strong believer in natural resources, sovereign debt, infrastructure, municipals and investment grade bonds. Molloy loves income-bearing assets. Working with names like Fidelity and John Hancock, he has been building portfolios with very attractive yields. “I get very excited when I can buy a bond fund that includes stalwarts like AT&T that pays a monthly income and has a high coupon,” he says. “Until the cost of borrowing in the bond market comes down, equity growth will be impaired.” Henry is a man of many passions, which include skiing, horseback riding and boxing (Golden Gloves Champion in 2007). He travels to Ireland regularly to visit with his family and many friends but feels he has found a home away from home here in the beautiful Bay Area.

A Passion for Managing Portfolios

Henry has had a healthy obsession with the markets since he was a young man. Having graduated from University College Dublin with an honors degree in Business and Finance, he moved to the United States to pursue his ambitions. Ten years later, the dream became reality and he started his own investment firm. “From the start, I’ve had a passion for helping people plan for their financial future,” says Henry. “Our responsibility in these volatile economic times is to make our client’s situation more certain. Whatever we’re doing, we work hard to ensure our client service is second to none – we will always be a small firm at heart.”

Part of the firm’s appeal is its affiliation with the Bank of New York Mellon, the oldest bank in the U.S., founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1784. It has locations in 34 countries, and over $20 trillion in assets. This potent resource gives the firm strength, security and the backing it needs to maximize performance for its clients.

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